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  • Agent Asha story book
  • Personalised invitation to the Children’s Spy Agency (CSA)
  • 6x STEM spy training activities

Age 7-11

Shipping worldwide

Ethically made in the UK

Ready to sneak about like Agent Asha?

Your child receives a secret spy package from the Children's Spy Agency, addressed directly to them.

  • Personalised invitation to the CSA
  • 6x STEM Missions
  • CSA Sticker sheet
  • Postcard from your CSA handler
  • CSA News Bulletin
  • Collectible Gadget Cards

Is this a gift?

We'll send a personalised secret email to the gift recipient to let them know a spy pack is heading their way!


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This spy starter pack does NOT include Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes.
Want the book too? Give me the book!